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Using real-time Geo location, Edesia will be able to provide your customers with your exact location for that day. Simply activate your location when opening for business!

Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering is a function that is currently changing the food service industry, let your customers skip the wait in line and order their food on Edesia!


Does your truck cater to events or parties? Edesia provides hosts and event planners with a platform to organize your truck to cater their event

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Edesia is currently released in Memphis, TN. If you are looking to experience food trucks download our app today and find a fun expereince to enjoy..


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Share Your Location

Have Edesia show your real-time location to your customers

The perks of evolving technology is a constant improvement in said technology's performance. With our "Radar" feature, your users will be able to view your food truck's location by using Edesia's "Radar". This function will also provide distance from the user and your truck, to further assist your customers in figuring out how to best arrive to your location.

To have this accomplished, you (the food truck owner) will press our "launch" button from the food truck dashboard in order to ping your location on our map at the time you open for business. This location will be mirrored on the "Radar" page on Edesia. With Edesia's "Radar", outsourcing and customer discovery options have never been easier.

Your Customers See Your Menu On Edesia

Keep Your Customers Informed On Your Various Options

Every food truck adventurer would like to know what is on the menu during their upcoming food truck experience. Edesia streamlines this process. By providing your menu on our app, your customers will be able to pick and choose which items from your menu that would fill their palate.

If your menu changes, simply inform your Edesia support team in order to give your customers the variety you love providing!


Engage With Your Customers

Keep your customers updated on special news!

Your food truck will be able to provide any and all types of "Announcements" made by your food truck to reach the masses. Using "Announcements", you may post content such as future locations, menu changes, specials, etc.

In order to easily view these "Announcements", your customer will be prompted to track your food truck page on Edesia. This allows them to recieve these updates and other news as soon as you publish each post.

Gain Helpful Feedback

Let the people spread word of your tantalizing options and great service!

Customer feedback is a great method for food trucks to pinpoint where their business excels and where their business needs improvement. Using Edesia's "Surveys", your customer will have the ability to notify you and the rest of the users what a great time they had experiencing your food truck and all it's services.

With more feedback, your foodtruck will definitely be able to hear what your customers desire out of your business. Use Edesia today and have your customers leave you their insights on Edesia's "Survey".

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Edesia is currently in it open beta. If you are in Memphis, TN join our beta and find the best food trucks Memphis has to offer with Edesia

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I put my food truck on Edesia?

Simply sign up yourself as a user, proceed to the 'Profile' page and tap 'Launch Food Truck'. Our support team will contact you immediately to prepare for your Edesia journey.

Why do you need my location?

In order to better assimilate all of the information, we use real-time location to track any food truck. This also benefits mobile vendors in finding where the heaviest traffic is.

Will my catering service also be featured?

Our very own '' streamlines the process between the host and the vendor, allowing hosts/event planners to book food trucks in a seamless process.

Where can I find my tracked trucks?

Users who 'Track' a food truck will find the food truck on the 'Home' view, as well as the 'Map' screen, highlighted red when 'Tracked'.

3618 Walker Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111 USA